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heloooo there
You tried to lock your credit cards online?! It's like canceling but you can uncancel if you find within 24h
ASKED BY Anonymous

THANK YOU SO MUCH ANON! I found it yesterday morning when i was leaving for school! I was so worried tho cause i even had my SSN!!!! it was right next to my car :Z the poor thing spent the whole night outside on our driveway! it must have fell out of my backpack idk… 

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The ultimate Caskett kissing post

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I lost my wallet!!! #PanicModeActivated

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and it's too late to go ask at school if they have it :(



Probably the most adorable moment in this season.

I feel like this is the moment where Beckett knew she definitely wants kids with him.

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I need castle back in my life

TV guide article


TV guide article

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actually your whole self should be illegal

6x21 “Law & Boarder”

6x21 “Law & Boarder”

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your face should be illegal


#they are in one of the most pressing situations #and as usual Castle is trying to make her laugh #and in previous seasons she probably would have said #cut it out Castle there are mobsters trying to kill us #but now she just smiles because she knows he means well #and he is just trying to make her happy in a crappy situation #she loves him enough to put reality aside and just smile #she loves him #that much #i just cannot with these two #they are so canon it physically hurts to even think about it #THIS MOMENT PRETTY MUCH HITS MY RIGHT IN THE FEELS #ouch #sendhelp

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'After hours' you are perfect.. i love you you will forever be my favorite episode... i really do love after hours a lot like you guys have no idea caskett castle


/silently expects the worst for the castle finale instead of the best/

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Ficlet prompt from Alexxx Can you make one where they have a fight and fall asleep on opposite side in their bed but wake up cuddled up?


They start out on their own sides of the bed with their backs to each other, lying as far away as they can get while being in the same bed. They’re both exhausted, which is really why the argument even started in the first place, so they drift off to sleep within a few…

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